It's so important to realize who self is.

I remember after leaving a particularly toxic relationship of 18 years it took a long time to figure out what to wear to the grocery, what food to purchase, and how much I was going to spend. A simple thing like going to the grocery store was overwhelming while I was inside the relationship. I second-guessed myself at every decision. That was a small example. A bigger tragedy was allowing said Toxic Guy to talk me into a career choice that nearly destroyed me in every way imaginable.

My own behaviors were rebellious, self-destructive, and life-changing in so many arenas... until I got away and learned to take one step at a time and ask "why" each time before I did stupid things.

Gaslighted, abandonment issues, adoption, and low-esteem really disrupted much of my life... but oh today, the freedom, strength, and courage I've gained. Better late than never! Great read, thank you.

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This is so true: "Just as we maintain our homes and cars, our relationship with ourselves demands attention and care." Another wonderful post. As we grow more mature (in age or wisdom), we learn to cultivate a greater self-awareness. That awareness can help us react differently to situations than we did in our past. Instead of pain or regret, we find tranquillity when we choose better ways to move forward while respecting and loving our inner selves.

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Thank you, Zane. I think self awareness breeds patience. And that helps us respond to difficult situations in more thoughtful & positive ways.

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